Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Promise Keeper

 Two weeks ago I was traveling across the steppes of Mongolia with N.E.T. Vet missionaries.  And as I posted yesterday, I’m still working on getting back on Houston time and continuing to process the experience.

Christianity was first introduced to Mongolians just 20 years ago.  Think about that for a moment.  Everyone you meet is a first generation Christian.  It was as close to the first-century church as I’ve ever experienced and at times I felt as if we were traveling through the book of Acts.

Two weeks ago today we were invited to a couple of “barbeques” in local gers (think sheepskin igloo).  “Barbeque” usually consists of various parts of a variety of animals boiled in a pot.  The first was delicious.  The second unfortunately had too many parts that I recalled from high school biology classes on the digestive system.  It was the only meal along the way that I politely declined (others I politely “tasted”).

Following the second barbeque we all crowed into our van for a prayer service and the most pressing topic was a drought the region has been enduring (just like here Texas).   We prayed that God would move the way He did when Elijah prayed for rain and then we drove back across the steppe to our own ger for the night.

The next morning we awoke to the sound of raindrops on the ger!  The joy of the 7 of us sleeping inside was contagious and beautiful.  We prayed and then celebrated when God answered.  I was reminded that we don’t stop and do that nearly enough in our busy, scheduled and practical lives.  It continued to rain off and on the next fews days and late one afternoon we were blessed by an amazing complete double rainbow.  Our leader, Tsendee, said it quietly, simply and best:  God keeps His promises.

I’ve needed that reminder today.  As sometimes happens a “barrel of pastoral care concerns” overturned and I’ve found myself in conversations with individuals and families whose lives have been turned upside down.  As I’ve sat and listened and prayed with them I’ve been listening for the sound of raindrops, trusting that God does indeed keep His promises.

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