Monday, December 13, 2010

Come and See a Simple Christmas

Though I am constantly surrounded by some of the most amazingly talented people that I know, the Christmas Season provides a great reminder.  David Leestma, Ben and Jenna Kuykendall, Brian Mann, Aaron Wilson and so many others are making the entire season at Grace the loveliest of the year.

Year’s ago I recognized that the number one requirement for a worship leader was a relationship with Jesus Christ.  Other talented musicians can present good music, often really good music.  But when there is a relationship with Jesus the music comes from the heart and that makes all the difference in the world.

Two great examples are Christmas projects that Grace had a part in over the last couple of years.  Come and See by Matt and Cameron Hammon (Olivette) is incredible (and if you are in Houston you really ought to come and hear them live this Wednesday night at Ecclessia).  Brian Mann’s Simple Christmas is simply beautiful (and I’m pretty sure I heard it being played as the prelude at First Baptist last Thursday night).  Though both projects are amazing musically they are even more testimonies to hearts that know and love Jesus Christ and are offering their gifts to His glory.

If you don’t have them – here’s a shameless plug – you really need to download them right now.  Both are available at iTunes (Olivette, Come and See – Brian Mann, Simple Christmas).  I promise these projects will add a little more of heaven’s gift of great joy to your Christmas!

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