Saturday, April 3, 2010


In 1891 the Irish writer and poet Oscar Wilde published a one act tragedy, Salome. It’s based on the Biblical story of Salome, the niece of the tetrarch Herod Antipas who danced for the head of John the Baptist.

There’s a moment in Wilde’s story when Herod overhears Nazarenes talking about a Messiah who is raising the dead. Herod is filled with fear and protests:

I do not wish Him to do that. I forbid Him to do that. I allow no man to raise the dead. This Man must be found and told that I forbid Him to raise the dead. Where is this Man at present?

I love the answer from the Nazarene

He is in every place, sire, but it is hard to find Him.

Tomorrow morning we celebrate that He is every place and He’s still raising the dead no matter how much the Herod’s of the world protest.

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  1. Speaking of being reborn! You've been reborn as an Oscar Wilde fan. Wonderful post. You'll have to have Scott tell you some day about the SALOME production he saw at SF Opera. Also enlightening, but in a completely different sense.

    Happy Easter to one of my favorite families. We continue to ask ourselves, "WWTFD?"