Monday, September 14, 2009

Staring into the Sun - God

Yesterday we began a series based on N.T. Wright’s Simply Christian, Staring into the Sun. This weekend we will dig deep into the Christian understanding of God.

Here’s what Wright says:

The point at present is that, since God is not an object within our world, or even an idea within our intellectual world, we can probe toward the center of the maze as much as we like but we shall never reach the center by our own efforts.

But suppose that God were to come bursting out of the center of the maze on his own initiative? That, after all, is what the great monotheistic traditions have said. To get our minds around the possibility we shall have to take a step sideways and consider more carefully what we are talking about. If God isn’t up in the sky, where is he?
N. T. Wright, Simply Christian

So what do you think, where is God?

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