Thursday, March 26, 2009

Blogger Block

Lately I’ve been struggling with “blogger’s block” and haven’t posted a recent update to this blogso I invited friends to offer blog ideas to help me break the block.

I’m not as sure about the suggestions of “Buddhist symbolism in the Bible,” “Aimee Semple McPherson bigger than Charlie Chaplin?”or “Mohammed as a fallback position” but they did inspire some creative conversation.

Still seeking ideas, over lunch I asked some of the Grace staff what they did this morning. I learned that for this, a typical, Thursday they:

Filmed a video of two guys in sombreros
Danced the funky chicken
Wore rabbit ears and
Learned the difference between Schulmerich and Malmark hand bells.

They also sang for a Gathering, taught Bible studies and processed payroll – but they really did wear rabbit ears and dance the funky chicken in the pursuit of ministry (I’m not sure if they wore the rabbit ears while dancing or not).

It was a great reminder that our laborers in the vineyard are engaged in a wide variety of tasks – each in their own way loving God, loving our neighbors and advancing the Kingdom of Heaven.

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